Saturday, June 30, 2007

Spoilers Combine

Here are the cartoony version of the spoilers. These might also be the ones they're gonna use in the website.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I found this old old polaroid camera at an antic store. The store owner told me it's a very unique camera. I didn't know what he meant by it. As it turns out, all the photos that come out of the camera come out looking like these.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Have been reather busy at the office lately. I did this concept a couple of weeks back, just realized I haven't uploaded it. Finished this one in a couple of hours. Haven't been practicing my quick concept sketches for months, feeling a little rusty already.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Alien Abduction + Sexy Milkmaid + Lingerie + Flying cow = Blockbuster Movie. Take that Michael Bay.

Cute Cutpurse

Another artist series from the 2nd edition. This one made it into "image of the day" in ImagineFX website. In this piece, the most unusual suspect is actually the real perpetrator.

Horsemajig of the Apocalypse

This was done for the second edition of the game.

Samuel Gristwalter

Another one of the artist series done for the first batch of The Spoils TCG.


This is an illustration I did for The Spoils TCG. It's one of the artist series that I did for the first batch of the game. The behemoths being shot out of the cannons are called basks. They're these huge creatures filled with toxic waste that when you drop them too hard they will explode.


This was an experiment piece where I finished everything in grey scale first and overlay the color afterwards. Works just fine.

The Journey

This was a piece I did for a CGTalk Challenge. It's about an innocent little country mouse who decided to try his luck in the big city.

Character Concept 4

Snowy Mountain Orc Creature Thingy Concept.

Character Concept 3

Tried to do a more comic book approach for this design.

Character Concept 2

Monster Design 2

Character Concept 1

I realized that I've never really done any character design before this piece. I decided to make some monster designs. This was the 1st one.

3 Brothers

A personal favorite. I really had a great time working on this piece.


This is the second of the series. That's me again in a wolf costume. :)


Personal project. Done in oil + acrylic. The theme is fairy tale where all the female characters are famous actresses and the male characters are... me.

Asian Landscape

I got inspired to do this piece after looking at a very beautiful photo of foggy mountains in china

Game Concept 5

Fight Scene

Game Concept 4

Medieval Port Concept

Game Concept 3

Medieval Town Concept

Game Concept 2

Castle Concept 2

Game Concept 1

Castle concept 1


This was a concept for futuristic city that I did for my final semester at Art Center.

Anne Rice's Hell

I love Anne Rice's novels. This piece was done around the time I was reading Memnoch the Devil. Awesome book. The book has some description of hell that I like, and so that's how this piece came to be. Done in photoshop.

Pagoda Hill

I was trying to mimick the Samurai Jack style for this piece. Another piece done in acrylic.


Another tribute piece to the same era. I totally love the flat, graphic, and distorted look of the background. Although, I believe this piece also got a little influence to the Cartoon Network style, especially all those Genndy Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken's cartoons.

Wild Wild West

This is a tribute background piece to the great Chuck Jones era. Done in acrylic. Hope I do the art style justice.


This was an acrylic piece I did for one of my school project. My teacher gave me a script and told me to pick some scenes to concept. This is a flashback scene of a boy getting lost in the middle of a Hawaiian jungle and found a cave opening which leads to subterranean magma chamber. Well.. it's an action flick.

Pretty faces + pretty designs

Tried to do something new. Vector art is just too cool to not experiment with.

Shanghai Knights

Another movie poster parody. Changed the background and the title.

The Matrix Rebalded

When I was looking at the real poster, I can't help but think "That's a lot of foreheads!". So, I thought it would be a lot of fun to do a caricature of the whole poster. My.. my Hugo Weaving do have a large forehead

Mr. Williams

There's really no comment for this piece except that I've always admired the comedian and have always wanted to make a caricature of him. Also, I'm open for comission for those who are interested. :)

Mr. Freeman

This one was done right after he won the oscar(obviously). Found this photo in a magazine and right then and there I can see it in my mind what his face would look like as a caricature. Good thing I had my laptop at hand.


After I finished school, I decided to sharpen my digital painting skill. I started doing lots of caricatures, concept illustrations, and environment pieces. If I remember correctly, this was one of the first caricatures I did in Photoshop.

Mr. Pitt

One of my favorite caricatures. Finished in oil. I just love doing caricatures.

Le Tigre

This was also one of my first series of caricatures that I did for my school project. Done in oil also. Totally loved the movie.

Mr. Ford

This was one of the first caricatures I did. This was done in oil. This painting holds one of the sweetest memories in my school years, because during my grad show at Art Center, Syd Mead stopped at my portfolio showcase and started reminiscing about the time when he was working on Blade Runner. Sweet.