Wednesday, September 12, 2007



One Legged Hopping Pogo Bear

Random Fire Breathing Dragon

Quick Athlete

??? I tawt I taw a... ???

Reality Shift

Haha.. love this piece.

Narrow Passage


Brain Bath

The next few images are from the latest batch of the cards.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Spoils - Wyrmfang Deathskull

I can't really take any credit for this image beside the creature design. But the rest of the image was drawn by my buddy Chris de Joya. This guy is awesome. I think most people in the illustration world know him as "Snowfly"...
I guess this will be the last one for now. I have some new artist series paintings from the 3rd edition, but I won't be able to post those for maybe another month or maybe more depending on when the set will come out.

The Spoils - Writ of Reclamation

Line art by me, although I think the cat was drawn by someone else. When we received the image back from the painter, the background was kinda flat and there was really no separation between the middle ground and the back ground, so I tweaked it. Gave it an atmospheric perspective and voila..(did I spell that right?)

The Spoils - Smear Campaign

hahaha.. I think this image is really funny. I did the line art and I also tweaked the painting. The painting was originally quite dull although nicely painted, it just had some lighting issues.

The Spoils - Scorching Runicution

What can happen to those people who sweat too much. Detail drawing by me, and painting by IFS(I'm quite sure of this one)

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Spoils - Schproingmajig

Mmm.. schproingmajig. Try saying that very fast ten times. Line art by moi.

The Spoils - Quotidian Virtuoso

I did the figure and designed the building. Originally I also designed the chest pieces, however the art director said that they looked too extreme. I originally made them took more organic, like they're made of skin with teeth and eyes and spikes and stuff. I thought it looked really cool. But we ended up with this one instead, which still look cool by the way. They were designed by Silvia.

The Spoils - Pugnacious Publicist

I gotta say this is my favorite image out of the second edition. I did the line art. The painter did a very good job creating the mood for this image. Love it.

The Spoils - Panther Kaiser

I believe I designed this character.. man i forgot. Well, anyway I did the detail drawing and Shawn Ye did the painting. Awesome.

The Spoils - Obsessive Compulsion

Line art by me. haha.. love this image. Those goofy arcanists.. they're so... weird.

The Spoils - Martial Arts Master

I did the characters, Silvia did the BG, and I believe for this one IFS did the painting.

The Spoils - Keen Strategem

Line art by yours truly.

The Spoils - Hasty Sarcophyle

Line art by me, characters by Silvia.

The Spoils - Guardforce Alpha Prime Elf

I did the concept for this card, along with the characters. And I also did the line art. I dunno the original painter but when we first received the painting back it looked quite dull, then my friend Shawn Ye came to the rescue, he took the painting, tweaked it, and awesomized it. If you guys don't know who Shawn Ye is, check out his website He loooves big cats.

The Spoils - Guardforce Morphmajig

Line art by Henry Gunawan. Painter anonymous

The Spoils - Gang Leader

I did the line art for this one. My friend Yun Ling helped with the far background.

The Spoils - Fool's Gold

The line art for this image was done by Silvia and we outsource the painting. However, when we received the painting back, they turned up quite below our standard, so I ended up repainting the whole thing. I'm quite proud of the final result though.

The Spoils - Auction House

Haha. This card created quite the controversy with the fans. I pretty much did all the line art for this one with some help from Silvia.

The Spoils - Anxious Oaf

This is from the 2nd edition. I did the concept for the BG, and the line art for the big guy. The rest of the line art was done by my colleagues. We outsourced the paintings for the 2nd batch. So I wouldn't know who painted this. Sorry painters.

The Spoils - Ravenous Wolf

As you'll probably realize later on that we like to do really intricate and detail stuff here at TGA. Here's another one from the 1st edition. I did the line art for this one, I dunno who did the painting. Naked guy's courtesy of Silvia Gunarso. Check out her blog at She has lots of really cool arts.

The Spoils - Quotidian Ejector

Another one from the 1st edition. Steve Bentley did the line art, I did the painting.

The Spoils - Jackmove

It's been a while since I last posted a new image. The past few months has been really straining for me physically and mentally. I've been wanting to share with the rest of the world what I've been doing for a living for the past year, I guess now's about the right time to do it. haha. A little intro about my work, I've been working in a Trading Card Company in Singapore called Tenacious Games Asia. I work as a concept illustrator/illustrator/line artist/painter. Not one card produced by our company is done by 1 guy besides the artist series. Usually, at least 2 people is working on a card. The first card I'd like to share with you is called "Jackmove". This was a first edition card. My friend Alvin made a basic 3D structure for the background then I did the line art. I believe another colleague of mine at the time Ken Foo did the 3 figures in the foreground. I also did the painting for this one.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Spoilers Combine

Here are the cartoony version of the spoilers. These might also be the ones they're gonna use in the website.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I found this old old polaroid camera at an antic store. The store owner told me it's a very unique camera. I didn't know what he meant by it. As it turns out, all the photos that come out of the camera come out looking like these.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Have been reather busy at the office lately. I did this concept a couple of weeks back, just realized I haven't uploaded it. Finished this one in a couple of hours. Haven't been practicing my quick concept sketches for months, feeling a little rusty already.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Alien Abduction + Sexy Milkmaid + Lingerie + Flying cow = Blockbuster Movie. Take that Michael Bay.

Cute Cutpurse

Another artist series from the 2nd edition. This one made it into "image of the day" in ImagineFX website. In this piece, the most unusual suspect is actually the real perpetrator.

Horsemajig of the Apocalypse

This was done for the second edition of the game.

Samuel Gristwalter

Another one of the artist series done for the first batch of The Spoils TCG.


This is an illustration I did for The Spoils TCG. It's one of the artist series that I did for the first batch of the game. The behemoths being shot out of the cannons are called basks. They're these huge creatures filled with toxic waste that when you drop them too hard they will explode.


This was an experiment piece where I finished everything in grey scale first and overlay the color afterwards. Works just fine.

The Journey

This was a piece I did for a CGTalk Challenge. It's about an innocent little country mouse who decided to try his luck in the big city.

Character Concept 4

Snowy Mountain Orc Creature Thingy Concept.

Character Concept 3

Tried to do a more comic book approach for this design.

Character Concept 2

Monster Design 2

Character Concept 1

I realized that I've never really done any character design before this piece. I decided to make some monster designs. This was the 1st one.

3 Brothers

A personal favorite. I really had a great time working on this piece.


This is the second of the series. That's me again in a wolf costume. :)


Personal project. Done in oil + acrylic. The theme is fairy tale where all the female characters are famous actresses and the male characters are... me.

Asian Landscape

I got inspired to do this piece after looking at a very beautiful photo of foggy mountains in china

Game Concept 5

Fight Scene

Game Concept 4

Medieval Port Concept

Game Concept 3

Medieval Town Concept